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Integrating innovation, quality and accessibility, we improve your business worldwide like no one else. EVOiQ commitment to improve the built environment


Primary care , CNS,Hospital care , Virology ,Cardio vascular ,Oncology ,Women health ,Neuroscience, Immunology, Anesthesia, Ophthalmology we can serve all kinds of healthcare projects

Our Ideas

Your business ideas on how to start a small business for most frequently searched startup categories. We can help you turn your idea into a reality.


Developing high-quality, natural, innovative cosmetic products friendly to the user and environment to take over the leading market position in the segment of cosmetic care products .


We serve as investment vehicles for investors , We are Looking to provide its shareholders, customers and investors, great business conditions.


We contribute to the sustainable development of world economies by building market-leading businesses through our focused approach and continuous enhancement of our shareholders value

Our service

As We are apart of a rich family that decides to invest together . some of our services are: College of Cambridge Kipp , PSR , ORM , GS .. And more


We encourages industries’ processes, systems, products and services, striving to be first to anticipate consumer needs, with ultimate goal of providing consumers products and services beyond industry standards and exceeding expectations.


We encourages industries’ processes, systems, products and services, striving to be first to anticipate consumer needs, with ultimate goal of providing consumers products and services beyond industry standards and exceeding expectations.

EVOiQ built a competence in global projects by

building the trust and competencies needed for large, complex, global projects with small dispersed projects. Begin the process of building a strong global project management organization made up of talented, experienced people from different cultures and different functions. Built Collaborative Innovation with Many Partners allover The world .Provide Strong research and development expertise Efficient, high-quality manufacturing on a global scale

Why EVOiQ ?

We help you to be quite out of the box, exactly the way you need to think to create a truly successful company as we offer you serious inspiration for your business ideas.
We offer to you with product improvements, better pricing, enhanced service and other channels of distribution , we help you to know the buyer complaints and wishes because we believes that Potential customers in your current industry are the most common source of new product ideas.
We help you to from market research, determine the best possible opportunities.
We Review the scope of the base erosion and investment business rules to ensure they are properly targeted and do not impede bona fide business transactions and the competitiveness of Our businesses.
We offer you the ability to locate a service provider specializing in the field of your choice, in the business of your choice, with just a few clicks.
EVOiQ is keen in promoting collaborative partnership with its subsidiaries and views itself as an integral extension of their respective businesses


We are Plan A for your success :

We all want wealth, but how do we achieve it?
Every innovation strategy needs highly skilled and motivated people to implement it .EVOiQ Can develop a plan that is right for you and fits you.>Not only have we developed a comprehensive suite of methods for achieving innovation at many industries, we’ve also established key delivery routes for our clients; suiting short, medium and long-term strategies.
Involving one or more of the innovative industry methods, EVOiQ offers Wide diversification to allow for adaptation to specific creative challenges and various budgetary needs.

Today ,EVOIQ is one of

the regional leading innovative companies EVOiQ Passion for Success

We Make your Business Our No. 1 priority, and the rest will follow
As the Company strives for excellence, it will remain proactive and entrepreneurial, as it pursues its projects with a sense of urgency and total dedication to results.

we have improved the health of billions worldwide. In our partnerships with other organizations, we deliver services beyond medicines to improve health outcomes and enhance patient comfort. Our success derives from our relentless drive to understand patient needs and meet them through innovation, identify global trends and respond using our flexible business model.

EVOiQ having technology partners that stand on the sidelines as arms-length providers of standardized solutions and services. That’s because the social and commercial implications of drug development cause regulators to walk a fine.

In an era of remarkable changes to the world’s population, economy and society, many new investment needs continually emerge while others remain unmet. As EVOiQ progresses to respond to these challenges, we continue our legacy as a company driven by markets needs, where market intervention is as important as business intervention. Our success is measured by the improvement of people’s lives.

Your dream EVOiQ Move it to Large Business

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