About Us

About Us

EVOiQ is a world wide leading holding company we serve our partners with delighted spirits to enhance valuable, long-lasting partnerships .
we strongly aligned with our strategic business priorities and integral to every decision we make and everything we do. We want to have a positive and enduring impact on our communities. We believe that good citizenship is more than just our responsibility — it is essential to the success of our businesses.
EVOiQ was driven to provide the highest quality service to our customers for the benefit of our stakeholders. Our goal is to create and maintain strong relationships with our customers.
EVOiQ believes that “innovation can be taught to the next generation,”
EVOiQ Accepts that the world really has changed and We are open to more changes to come..
WE now are one of the most competitive operational networks in the industry because our unique innovation strategy, accelerates the creation of its new business model and opens a new set of possibilities for the company in generics.

Our Vision

“Our talent pools has grown to match the dynamic of your business”

EVOiQ believes that Most of the world’s major innovators are in the midst of the same transformational journey.

We believes that technology should liberate and grow your business, not lock you in. It’s freedom of choice, and it’s the only way we work.

Our Mission

Our business has one job: to “hold” the investments.
EVOiQ provides the ability to make investments in a wide range of assets, including taking minority stakes in businesses
Provide state of the Health technology products and solutions by adhering to the highest ethical standards. Professional integrity in all our healthcare and business matters constitutes one of our core strengths.
EVOIQ is one of the leading community outreach network nurturing success and business ownership. Our team is highly trained in Success Empowerment, Life Transitioning , Self Development and Business Development.
EVOiQ provides investment into Businessmen , healthcare professional and anyone who have an idea doesn’t have a lot of money to afford starting a business.
We provides industry knowledge that they can seek to help them bring their ideas to reality, and allow them to feel at ease, feel confident, comfortable and reinforce their self-esteem.
Innovation is the first topic up for discussion because it sits firmly at the top of everyone’s agenda, yet its definition and focus varies greatly company-to company.
Understanding what is meant by ‘innovation’ and how it is measured is a critical step as we look towards solving unmet healthcare needs, and having health policy makers and practitioners recognize and give priority to true pharmaceutical innovations

Our Objective

Building the trust and competencies needed for large, complex, global projects with small dispersed projects.
Begin the process of building a strong global project management organization made up of talented, experienced people from different cultures and different functions.
Built Collaborative Innovation with Many Partners allover The world .
Provide Strong research and development expertise Efficient, high-quality manufacturing on a global scale .

Our Values

Our values are a declaration of our core believes.
trust :
We building the trust and competencies needed for large, complex, global projects with small dispersed projects.
Partnership :
We Built Collaborative Innovation with Many Partners allover The world.
Give Back:
We express loyalty for what we have by providing our time and resources; we share what we have to help improve our communities and our world.
Performance and Excellence:
provide Strong research and development expertise Efficient, high-quality manufacturing on a global scale As strive for continuous improvement in our performance measuring our outcomes carefully and ensuring that integrity and respect for pharmacists , healthcare providers and all other business are never compromised and committed to provide them with the highest possible standards.
We are open, honest with ourselves and others and are independent in our thinking and make sure we are doing right things in a right way at a right time.
Reputation :
We have gained our reputation through our professionalism and excellence for the past four years of high level of commitment.
We believe that every associate and every thinker who have an idea deserves a fair chance to pursue his or her dream, and that we are all obliged to create opportunities that allow for the growth and success of others.
To become the first choice of stakeholders including clients, vendors and shareholders.
To construct a learning environment where individuals and groups continually enhance skill.
To focus on core operation and implement strictly.